sorcerers hatWork has already begun on removing the Sorcerer’s Hat from the centre of Disney Hollywood Studios. The much discussed and photographed feature was originally placed at the studios to celebrate the centennial of Walt Disney’s birth in 2001 and has remained there since. At 122-foot the Sorcerer’s Hat is modelled on the 1940 Disney classic “Fantasia” and forms the back drop to the park entrance and many a family photograph.

I’ve always thought the hat added to the magic, however over the years it has had it’s detractors, some saying it blocked views to the equally iconic Chinese Theater which is tuck away behind it. It’s removal now means the first thing guests will see as they enter Hollywood Studios is the Chinese Theater.

This is among some of the earliest changes being made by Disney Hollywood Studios as it endeavours to re- imagine the park. It has always had the lowest numbers in terms of attendance and recently closed a number of attractions, including “Legend of Jack Sparrow”, “Backlot Tour” and “American Idol Experience”. There is talk of an expanded Star Wars presence in the park and it has already been announced that “The Great Movie Ride” is to get a makeover, which is no harm as recently I commented after going on the ride, that in the modern era of animatronics etc. so much could be done to improve this attraction.

As for the Sorcerer’s Hat will it disappear completely or will we see it in a new location? Perhaps in the new Disney Springs?



The Sorcerer’s Hat Removal – Disney Hollywood Studios

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