1024px-Premier_SimulatorOn a recent trip to EPCOT hubby and I engaged yet again in the great debate; roller coasters versus simulators. One of his favourite rides in EPCOT is Mission Space – Orange. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, it is a ride which simulates a space rocket launch and flight to Mars. The orange channel is an intense ride experience whereas the green channel is a significantly tamer version.

Until this trip I had avoided the Orange channel, because basically I have an issue with simulators. I can ride any and all sorts of roller coasters but simulators in my opinion can do things to a body’s equilibrium that the laws of physics prevent in the real world. However on this occasion I took the plunge and to say the experience was intense is an understatement, suffice to say I’ll be taking the soft option the next time.

Have you got a preference? What is your favourite theme park attraction?

While you are thinking about that, click on the picture below to Build Your Very Own Roller Coaster

See can you design a coaster which would rival a simulator.







Roller Coasters vs Simulators (including a build your own roller coaster link)

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